Our Team

Patricia Karam

Founder & CEO

Patricia is the driving force behind Atlanta-based MissionRecruit, With more than a decade of nation-wide recruiting experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies, Patricia launched Mission Recruit with the goal of delivering best-in-class recruiting services to corporations by combining the sophistication of a large recruiting company with the heart and personalization of a smaller staffing agency. Her extensive background in the recruiting industry began with a global leader in the IT staffing industry, before transitioning to a national staffing leader, and other positions in strategy and philanthropy. Her entrepreneurial spirit is the result of her parents’ enduring influence; immigrants from the Philippines, who taught her life’s most important lessons - and above all - the significance of giving back.

Kasia Jakarsezian

Human Design Professional

Kasia is a passionate HR leader with over a decade of experience building and scaling retail and hospitality teams. Most recently, her focus has been on team development and workplace culture. Kasia believes the modern workplace will emphasize our human connection by placing the greatest emphasis on employees’ talents, strengths, and skills. When managers effectively do this, Kasia has witnessed remarkable results unfold with individuals and entire teams. Kasia’s heart-centered leadership approach is proven to increase overall productivity, improve P&Ls, increase retention, and decrease turnover. Incorporating principles of Human Design, Kasia is now partnering with leaders and entrepreneurs to usher in this powerful new paradigm of leadership and workplace culture.

Katie Prellwitz

Communications Consultant

Katie is dedicated to creating connections through the power of words. After operating communications for a nationwide retailer and a company that quadrupled in size over six years, she was catapulted into her own consultant business, Leverage Communications, LLC. She works with organizations across the country on marketing, communications, and engagement to connect with internal and external audiences. Katie’s passion to build relationships and truly understand the needs of an organization differentiates her from the crowd and results in a more engaged and informed audience for multi-divisional companies.

Sarah Hipwell

Marketing Consultant & Designer

Sarah’s talents and passions are focused on creating aesthetically pleasing, yet intelligent and sound digital marketing strategies. Sarah founded Sarah Olivia Marketing while attending the University of Richmond, where she earned dual degrees in Business Administration & Leadership Studies. The agency has grown from a one-woman show to a team of experienced, cutting-edge professionals who create, market, and sell brands of the future — including Mission Recruit.


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