There is a big shift happening throughout our country as we move to understand the value of different personalities. Individuals, teams, and companies make concerted efforts to look for assessments that will define who they or their coworkers are in order to enhance collaboration and bring strengths to the surface. One of the struggles we most often hear has to do with the series of questions that are presented. You can answer as you are in your personal life, your professional life, or more commonly – a mixture of both. Even more detrimental is to answer how you think your boss wants you to answer.

The Solution

When it comes to Human Design, all the guess work is taken out of the process. By using data you’re unable to control – your birth date, time, and place – your results will be authentic and provide you with an assessment that is objective. The result? You learn who you are without the conditioning of who you were told to be. Human Design delivers action items on how to capitalize on your strengths, drive awareness to your struggles and discover how best to interact with others.

The History

The art of Human Design was introduced to us in 1992 but is deeply rooted in the history of cultures around the world. It combines eastern and western practices, principles and science. The Human Design chart, also known as a BodyGraph, tells us your energy flow and how you can harness that energy to the best of your ability. Human Design expert, Kasia Jakarsezian says, “Working with these modalities opens the door for an authentic assessment that encourages us to act with more compassion, understanding and communication in the workplace.”

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The Five Types 

Human Design is a deeply layered system with lots to explore, but to give you an extremely high-level overview, here are the five foundational types you’ll find. 

visual representation of a step-by-step human design process


The whole idea of Human Design is to align ourselves back to how we are authentically designed rather than conform to society. From understanding your design, you’ll develop more self-trust and strengthen your intuition. Corporate America and wellbeing experts across the US are catching up to fully realize the value this brings to their teams.

Mission Recruit partners with Human Design expert, Kasia Jakarsezian, to work with individuals and organizations who are willing to realize their full potential. Each person will walk away with a detailed assessment and action items that will bring them back to their true selves and who they were meant to be. 

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