From day one, the heart of Mission Recruit was deeply rooted in our desire to help others, financially and emotionally. There are so many in our community who rely heavily on a helping hand, and we want to be there at those times. The moment you hear about all the deserving organizations out there, it can be difficult to narrow it down. However, with our new initiative Profit for Non-Profits, we’re able to avoid limitations and partner with countless organizations.

We do well. You do well.

For any certified 501(c)(3) non-profit out there, we invite you to refer any corporations you know who are in need of a best-in-class recruitment agency. If the company you refer chooses to partner with us on recruitment services, your organization can count on 10% of the sales we make off placements. 

The best part – we will continue this agreement for the life of the contract! This could result in thousands of dollars funding your organization every month. 

Have your people call our people.

Now it’s time to get started and make introductions. Utilize our contact form to begin the process. We are excited to partner with you and your referrals and make a lasting impact on our communities. 

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