Mission Recruit was founded on passion and determination to connect the best employers with the best candidates. That same enthusiasm is held for organizations who lend themselves to aid those who are suffering. The moment this company was being developed, we prioritized our involvement to contribute to non-profits that stood out to us. 

Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV)

From the beginning, Mission Recruit has dedicated $100 to PADV for every placement we make. This organization has been around since the 70s and is only able to maintain its programs and services through individual and corporate donors. 

Another way we give back to PADV is through in-kind donations. We were thrilled to come up with a care package we call Operation Light Box to survivors of domestic violence. Every placement at Mission Recruit means someone is receiving a box filled with items – a candle, jade roller, inspirational book and handmade necklace – that can help them on their professional journey to success. 

Out of Darkness

This incredible organization is dedicated to rescuing those who are victims of human trafficking. This type of coercion and abuse is one of the worst in the city of our headquarters, Atlanta, GA. After learning more about their promise to the community and the costs associated, it was clear that we could step in and help. We provide $100 to Out of Darkness for every placement we make, in addition to PADV. The average cost that is required to rescue one child is $1,100.

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Additional Non-Profits

It can be hard to select which non-profits we partner with as there is a long list of deserving individuals who need our support. That being said, we are thrilled to expand to new organizations with your help! Any non-profit that recommends a client, they can count on 10% of that client’s profits going straight to their organization. We are calling this new program Profits for Non-Profits.

Mission Recruit may bring the passion and promise, but without our clients, we wouldn’t be able to make this kind of impact. This is a team effort, and if we continue to partner together, we can make significant change in our communities. 

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