The Ineffectiveness of Either/Or Assessments

With countless personality assessments out there, it can be difficult to decipher between them all. Which one is right for your organization, and which one will give you the biggest bang for your buck? At Mission Recruit, each of us has been through several “either/or” assessments, all of which ask the same set of questions. The purpose of these “tests” is to understand who you are and how you can work better with your team. However, we find these results fall short in providing real value.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

In the “either/or” questionnaire, it’s easy to see the writing on the wall. With questions that ask about determination, being a perfectionist, or your approach to confrontation, it’s allows you to answer in a way that puts you in a positive light to peers and leaders. There are even articles out there that provide tips on “how to pass a personality assessment.” So rather than getting a true likeness of strengths and areas for improvement, you’re given versions of the truth without knowing how to be true to yourself and others. 

Living in the Moment

The best part of being a seasoned employee is gaining experience on collaborations and teamwork. Answers given in your 20s will be spades different from the answers given in your 40s. This means that when an assessment provides results, they’ll only be for that moment in time. In some cases, the way you respond could change based on projects completed, new teammates or an overall feeling of the organization. 

Taking Up Your Time

Let’s face it – it’s time consuming! When going through an assessment, the results will go directly to those who play a large part in your career growth. As we mentioned earlier, you’ll be examining and thinking about how to answer and how it will describe you in the end. It never takes the 10-15 minutes stated in the email asking for participation. 

Finding a True Solution

These “either/or” assessments are inaccurate and inefficient. There is a saying about data that, if you put junk in, you will get junk out. Instead, Mission Recruit supports and promotes Human Design. This personality assessment removes the guessing game and tells you who you truly are, the strengths you’ve had throughout your life, and ways to recognize when you’re off the track. By implementing only birth date, time, and place information, every participant and team is seeing an objective view. 

Our Human Design workshops take assessments to the next level that allow for better understanding and collaboration. We invite you to learn more about this fool-proof, objective assessment that can empower you and your team.

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